Best Trackable QR Codes

The origin of Quick Response Codes (QR codes) was from Japan for using the same for their automobile industry purposes. These are two dimensional matrix codes, encoding data both horizontally and vertically in a tiny square pattern. It is containing much more information about a product or a service in a tiny and compact manner. The readability of this brilliant code is different in the sense that this code can be read from any angle whereas the normal bar-code can only be read in their correct angle or alignment. The information embedded in the code itself will make it Quickly Responsive as the name indicates and directly launching the encoded application. Most of the new generation smart mobile phones & cameras are having the readability of such codes. You may see these new generation codes in the magazines, business cards, coupons or other advertising platforms which directly helps you to reach that brand’s website. When we differentiate the Static QR code from the Dynamic code, we can understand that the static are always pointing to a same destination where as the dynamic code enables you to edit the destination of the code at your preference.

The Quick Response codes for the marketing strategies are said to be an innovative tool in the contemporary era. The quick responses will be making your website traffic increasing and generating more business leads. In fact you will be getting more business clients or customers who have reached or redirected your website through these encoded information or links contained in this smart code. When you unleashed a marketing campaign through the Quick Response codes, you will be eager to track the responses you have got from various sources. Here you are developing a system where you find the consumer behaviour to craft a set of offers suitable to your potential customers. A Track-able QR code helps you in getting connected with the mobile users for appropriate communications. You will be able to conduct a targeted marketing by intentionally delivering only the relevant information to a specific portion of your lead generated audiences.

The QR code tracking is primarily focusing on the number of times your codes are scanned. You will be tracking the particulars like who scanned the code, location of the customers and storing their necessary information. You will be also able to regularly update the destination of this code either to change the content or the URL s considering your mass media marketing purposes. There are IT solution companies providing services on developing and tracking Quick Response codes according to the client requirements. Some companies make use of tracking the responses through linking the technological platforms like Google Analytics or other on-line mediums. Only the best solution can capture and contain all the necessary information.

Competitors and Local Code Enforcement

If you are a small businessperson then chances are you have had a situation occur where another small business or larger competitor has used the local Government code enforcement officer to harass you. This is a common occurrence and it is unfortunate that they do not teach this at the SBA seminars.

The good old boy network that occurs in most cities is alive and well in the United States of America. This occurs both in large cities and small towns. Competitors know that if they can get the local code enforcement officer to come over and find a violation in your business that it will slow your business town and therefore give them the edge.

It is too bad that people do not have more integrity than that and too bad it competitors call in competing companies for violations. Of course if you are violating the law he should not be violating the law, but we know that many of the rules and regulations from the municipal level all the way to the federal level are quite onerous and this is unfortunate.

It is literally impossible to follow all the rules or for that matter even know all the rules. In my 27 years in business as a Franchisor, I cannot tell you how many times our franchisees just starting out in their local areas had to deal with competitors who called them into the code enforcement. Often they had done nothing wrong; except step on the toes of an existing businessperson, which was well-connected in the city.

Sometimes, a smart code enforcement officer will realize that the complaint coming in is from a competitor and simply make a visitation to the company or business involved in the complaint. This is an opportunity for you as a small businessperson to talk to the code enforcement officer and ask them if they can help you comply with all the rules.

This way they will explain what the rules are and which rules they are most apt to care about. Being on a first name basis with the code enforcement officer in a local municipality is a smart thing to do for any businessperson.

It is extremely important for you to realize that these things happen and although it may be personal between you and your competition; it is not personal between your company and the code enforcement officer. If you are breaking the law he will have to comply with the law and it behooves you to learn exactly what the law is and the intent so that you can remedy the situation without further problems from the code enforcement officer.

When a competitor makes a false complaint they actually end up hurting themselves and therefore it is unwise to turning your competitors unless they are ripping off customers, polluting the environment or doing something that you know to be harmful to others.

Simply turning in your competitors for a minor violation or infraction will only cause you to have a war with that competitor and just imagine all the different regulatory bodies that there are in our government and what you will do if each one of them comes to visit you during a one month period

Cell Phone and Mobile Marketing Coming Of Age Thanks to “QR Code” Technology

Marketing through cell phones, PDAs and other mobile gadgets with Internet connections is fast developing into an exciting new venue for businesses.

The “QR Code” system that created a revolution in Japan has arrived in the United States with different variations. I’ve already seen different versions of QR (for “Quick Response”) employed in the USA by delivery companies and direct marketing (magazine subscription) firms.

“Qode” system marketed by NeoMedia technologies, for example, offers yet another variation on the same theme. The Qode software can be downloaded to cell phones and it can automatically serve web pages to your cell phone either when its camera is pointed at a product “smartcode” or when the user types in a barcode number, brand name or keyword. But I think the most widespread use of this technology would be in scanning a “smartcode” through the cell phone’s camera.

The writing is on the wall — “QR Code” technology is here to stay and companies like NeoMedia will reap the benefits of mobile marketing if, that is, the business model supports it. Why? Because sometimes great technologies are left on the side of the road when one or more parties cannot make enough money to justify the investment.

Imagine you are driving on a highway and you approach a billboard with an incredible vacation offer. You point your cell phone’s camera at the “smart code” printed on the billboard and click the SEND button. Soon you are watching (and perhaps recording) a flash file or a video clip sent to you by the vendor’s web server. At the end of the clip, you are also sent a 10% coupon that you can use if you reserve your room before the stated deadline.

Your Smart Phone Is A QR Code Reader

Have you looked upon all the features of your smart phone? If yes, then maybe you have ran across that one called “QR code” of which you may have little knowledge about. This code is very useful especially when it comes to choosing for the right items to buy online.

So, what is a QR code? QR is just an abbreviation of ‘Quick Response’ which was first enhanced and implemented in Japan some 7 years ago. This is a 2 dimensional type of code that can get credible information like videos, images, URLs and reviews. And this code has been in the arena of business.

How? It is as simple as your smart phone reading the 2 dimensional codes to get contacts of your customers and potential clients. Yes, your smart phone is a QR code reader. They can get the important contact information for you which you can just easily scan and download. And the very thing that you would like to consider is that, without a doubt, your smart phone right there in your pocket is a code reader.

It can definitely pull up all the information that you need from phone numbers, business card and to emails. Another astonishing and astounding capability of these 2 dimensional codes is its capabilities to promote your online business. A little code in the items or products that you are promoting can guide your clients and customers to specific page on your website.

Your clients need not to explore more of the pages and the contents of your website, which can actually consume their time, because they are already directed to the right page where their needed credible details are located. Telecommunication companies have designed smart phones to be naturally code readers because they know the potential of a handy communication – free from boundaries and are not limited from distance. These smart phones are programmed to read such codes to make it more efficient to users regardless of the place and status of the user.

And one thing for certain, almost everyone is getting the latest smart phones released in the market. Seizing the opportunity is quite an excellent idea which can get you most of your competition in the online business. And in the manner of advertising your code, you need not exert complicated features and applications to your products because anywhere you place the image of your product can also be the right place for your code – lesser effort, lesser time consumed and more chance of popularity.

It’s like having a sales representative walking along with your possible customers. You don’t need to draw some words anymore because the code will do it on your behalf. This is another great contribution of technology for you and for your business. Grab every privilege that this modern generation has to offer. Seize the moment to enter into the world of mobile marketing and draw yourself to the power of QR code which can now be read with your quality smart phones.

How To Read A QR Codes

When viewed by the naked eye a QR code looks at best like a piece of modern art. But underneath is a hidden code that could take you to a website, provide you contact information, a phone number or even harbor a secret message. Originally used by manufacturing companies to track product as it moved through the plant, now advertisers are using as a way to get you to their online presence as quick and easy as snapping a picture with your smart phone camera.

In order to read the hidden code within the small square of pixelated information you need to download a QR Code reader App on to your smart phone. There are several out there to choose from so I won’t go into any particular one but you can search on the app store of your smart phone to find several you can download and try out.

Once you have it downloaded and installed on your phone you are ready to start reading and discovering the hidden code within the Quick Response Code. The Apps will use your smart phone camera as the optical reader to basically take a picture of the code. Once your camera captures the image the app will decipher the code and display the results for you to read.

When you launch the bar code reader on your smart phone it will automatically activate your phone camera. You will see an on-screen framing guide to help you line up the code so the camera can read the code. Line up the camera with the Quick Response code you wish to scan. Hold the smart phone steady until the app reads the code. You should see some random flashing dots on the screen which means it is looking at the code to align it, read it, run an error correction program and decipher the code displaying the results.

If the code is a website you can select to open it right on your smart phone in a browser. It will take you directly to the website that was hidden in the code. If you have a tablet or similar device that has a camera you can download a QR code reader on the device and snag any Quick Response codes right on your tablet device. It’s even possible with the right programs installed to plug your phone into your computers USB port and snap a QR code right to your laptop or desktop computer.

Enjoy and have fun reading QR Codes. These special codes can be read from a sheet of paper, on a computer screen or even from another smart phone. Anywhere you can get a clear read on a the Quick Response Code. You never know you might see on a back of a truck doing down the road. While I don’t personally advocate you trying to snap a code while you’re driving down the road, I would recommend you have a passenger do it for you.